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the best area to stay in los angeles
Location: Los Angeles, United States
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The Best Area to Stay in Los Angeles

The Best Area to Stay in Los Angeles by itinerarioWeb 

Los Angeles, or most commonly known as L.A., is the second-most populous city in the United States (after New York). It is the world’s entertainment capital with a number of cultural landmarks. In addition, L.A. is considered a paradise for its fantastic beaches and warm climate. Shopping at Fashion District in Downtown and surfing in Santa Monica Beach will not disappoint you at all.

This is Hollywood! The first thing that comes to our mind when talking about this city is the Walk of Fame. Currently there are over 2,600 five-pointed stars embedded in the sidewalks as a permanent public monument to achievement in the entertainment industry. The famous Hollywood Sign is sited on the slope of the iconic Mount Lee, and it can be easily seen from Beachwood Drive. All this area would be considered the best area to stay in Los Angeles due to its proximity to some other tourist attractions such as the Dolby Theatre – where Leo Di Caprio, Sandra Bullock and other great actors receive their Oscar-.

Our selection of Hotels to stay in Los Angeles next to three indispensable tourist sites.


Walk of Fame Hostel 95-120€ 8,0
Coral Sands Motel 98-108€ 8,0
Santa Monica Hostel 98-115€ 8,3
Melrose Place 160-186€ 8,6
Hollywood Celebrity 170-198€ 8,7
Mama Shelter LA 187-216€ 8,7
Magic Castle Hotel 220-280€ 9,2
Shore Hotel 300-360€ 8,8
Casa del Mar 540-620€ 8,7

The Best Area to Stay in Los Angeles

And where are all the celebrities? Well, probably they are in their big mansions in Beverly Hills, driving their supercars along Rodeo Drive, or shopping in one of the coolest thoroughfares of all times: Grand Avenue. They unlikely are in Chinatiown although is one of our favorite areas in L.A. Nearby, we can find the L.A. Town Hall, and the Little Tokyo, heart of the largest Japanese-American population in North America. The Koyasan Buddhist temple located in this district is a must-see in our trip to Los Angeles.

Do the names Long Beach, Manhattan Beach or Malibu sound familiar to you? Of course yes! These are some of the best beaches in L.A.! Although if we had to choose one, we would pick out Santa Monica Beach because it is one of the best areas to stay in Los Angeles. Furthermore, from there we will be able to see the famous lifeguard huts, the shopping area of Montana Avenue, and even go on the Pacific Wheel.

We cannot leave this amazing city without having seen an NBA match in Staples Center – the home of Los Angeles Lakers-, having walked along the Venice Boulevard, or having gone to the Griffith Observatory, where a privileged view of the Hollywood Sign is assured. If you have enjoyed this trip through California, you should consider visiting San Francisco, San Diego or Las Vegas too!

The Best Area to Stay in Los Angeles