Los mejores itinerarios por Europa

In August of the year 2015, three passionate friends of the trips, decide to create itinerarioWeb.com, a new web of itineraries by the old continent.

The main objective is that all people can travel to any city without fear of getting lost or not knowing how to operate in it. This is possible through a personalized guide for each traveler. This guide is made with the premises of each traveler through one of our collaborators, depending on the city.

In addition, any user can enjoy a complete overview and a recommendation of central hotels in most European cities and all over the world.

In order to provide an added service to the traveler, we work as affiliates with two of the leading companies in the market, such as Booking, Hotels. This affiliation ensures the cheapest prices on the market for each reservation.


ItinerarioWeb.com, created by travelers, is born by and for the traveler. Your web of reference for your travels in the World.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at info@itinerarioweb.com