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best area to stay in la toscana
Location: La Toscana, Italy
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best area to stay in la toscana

The Best Area to Stay in La Toscana by por itinerarioWeb 

Welcome to the most famous Italian region! It is located in the northeast of the country and has always been associated with a relaxing vacation — a combination of its Renaissance architecture, unspoilt nature and gastronomy —. If you decide to visit the Tuscany (La Toscana in Italian) you will be able to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Furthermore, the trip may be adapted depending on if you can only spend 3 to 4 days, or more than a week. In the following paragraphs, we are going to talk about the main cities to visit such as Florencia, Pisa or Siena; and the essential villages such as Lucca, Chianti or San Gimignano.

And where to stay? The best area to stay in the Tuscany would be in a village of the Chianti or the Orcia Valley, not only because it is located at an accessible distance to visit the major landmarks, but also because you will be able to rest in a natural environment surrounded by vineyards and medieval villages.

The Tuscan countryside has some very well-kept secrets such as Chianti, for example. Some possible activities that this area has to offer us are an amazing walk between cypress trees and vineyards, a wine tasting at its charming wineries and a visit to its stunning castles. This region is basically known for its deep love of wine and picturesque villages, like Castellina and its medieval square. In addition, the Palazio de Podestá of Radda, the little village of Gaiole, surrounded by several castles — being San Leonino the most outstanding — and Greve are fantastic ideas for spend all the day!

Our selection of Hotels to stay in La Toscana .


 Región San Gimignano
Antico Casolare  67-80€ 9,5
B&B Coppi 100-118€ 9,3
Le Undici Lune 101-130€ 9,6
Región Chianti
Antiche Rime 82-95€ 9,5
Relais Vignale 123-180€ 8,6
Locanda Le Piazze 215-370€ 9,2
 Centro de Siena
Hotel Duomo 99-119€ 8,4
Il Battistero Siena 150-210€ 9,6
Grand Hotel Continental 95-125€ 9,2

La Mejor Zona para Alojarse en La Toscana

Without leaving the entire rural area, we should also visit San Gimignano, halfway between Siena and Florence, which is also one of the best places to stay in the Tuscany. Getting up in the morning and being able to contemplate its 14 towers including the Palazzo Comunale is priceless.

If after so much rural landscape, we crave some urban environments like the Campanile, the Piazza Signoria, or the romantic Ponte Vecchio… Then Florencia is your destination. It is the city of David de Michelangelo which it is displayed at the Galleria Academia.

The city of Siena is located at an hour drive to the south. It seems impossible that two such beautiful cities can live so close together. The city of Siena is a real movie set, with several stunning landmarks such as Piazza Salimbeni or the amazing Piazza del Campo, a global icon during the celebration of the Palio, a traditional horse racing festival around the Fontana Gaia.

Following this beautiful city, visit Pisa could be a great idea. It is a city where you will be able to take thousands of different pictures of yourself around the Torre de Pisa. Moreover, if you have enough courage, you can climb its 298 steps. The historic buildings along the Río Arno complete this exceptional visit.

For the travelers who have more time to spend in this beautiful region, we have also made a selection of the best hotels and itineraries for the walled city of Lucca, the excellent Orcia Valley or Montepulciano.

The Best Area to Stay in La Toscana